How to View A/B Tests in Elevar

Learn how our A/B Reporting feature works in your Elevar dashboard. 

Why A/B Testing is Important 

Don't fly blind and invest valuable time, money, and resources into making website changes, all based on the hope that they improve your conversion rate. Empower yourself with proven changes backed by your own user data. 

Here's a customer of ours that ran over 10 tests with us leading up to BFCM period which resulted in a 6 figure lift for them. We see over and over again that continual testing and tweaking works. The data doesn't lie! 

Getting Started with Optimize

To monitor your A/B tests in the Elevar Application, you'll need to create a Google Optimize account. We love Google Optimize here at Elevar because it's FREE, easy to implement [learn how here], and anyone can use it -- seriously! No developer needed!

Once you have Optimize setup, it's time to create your first A/B test!  Alex Lynn, our senior Analyst, walks you through how to do this in the video below.  

Not sure what to test? Looking for some additional tips and tricks on using Google Optimize? Alex outlines some important basics in this Google Optimize Guide.

Monitoring Test Performance in the Elevar Application

Once you have a test setup in Google Optimize, you'll see that it will automatically populate on your Elevar Dashboard:


In Elevar, you and your team can track test performance, and leave shared notes about the tests. Once you have finished a test in Optimize, you'll want to mark it as 'complete' in your Elevar Dashboard as well.   Elevar gives you the opportunity to record the learnings and insights gained with each test, and will archive this data for you for future reference.




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