Configure AdWords Remarketing Tag

See where to grab your remarketing tag from AdWords to update in your GTM container.

Note: this has been updated on May 6, 2019, to follow Google's new remarketing event data structure policy.

When you've imported our GTM container from our Shopify App, you'll find tags included for your global gtag, dynamic remarketing events, and AdWords conversions.

Specifically, you'll find tags that look like this:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.11.47 AM


If you want these enabled then there are two steps you need to complete:

  1. In GTM > Variables > User-Defined Variables, update the "00 - UPDATE AFTER IMPORT - AdWords - Conversion ID" Variable. Please ensure your constant is something like 123456789 (no dashes in-between the #'s and no AW in front)
  2. Verify each tag fires on the frontend of the site

Here is where you find your AdWords variable:

Go to Tools > Audience Manager:


Then go to AdWords Tag > Details:


Then copy the variable shown here:



Then go to GTM > Variables > 00 - UPDATE AFTER IMPORT - AdWords - Conversion ID > enter the value here:



Note: Once Done! Please make sure that you're using the correct variable to match the ProductIDs in your Google Merchant Center: You can learn more about that here.

That's it for the remarketing gtag setup!

To implement AdWords Conversion tracking, then follow these next steps as well.

Here is the Adwords Transaction tag that needs your specific AdWords Conversion Label updated:

adwords transaction


And here is where you can find these in Google AdWords. Under "Conversions", either create a new transaction tag or go to your existing conversion action > details. Then just copy and paste the conversion label to the above AdWords Transaction Tag. 

purchase conversion

That's it!

Once you begin testing with GTM in preview mode.

You should see tags that fire on the frontend of your site with data populating. Here is a product pageview example:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.13.51 AM


Note: If you previously had AdWords scripts/app or remarketing tags setup then you will need to remove these to prevent duplicate tags from firing (e.g., Google Shopping App).


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