Anomaly Detection via Custom Alerts

Use Alerts to Monitor key KPIs for your business

Custom alerts proactively monitor all insights and forecasts on your property to alert you of significant changes without you having to do the digging.

These alerts monitor anomalies by calculating time period changes and by default is set up to function as follows:

  1. Monitor day/day, week/week, month/month
  2. Emailed on Sundays (can be changed to daily or disabled)
  3. Set to trigger based on 30% or more change 

These changes can be positive (things are going well) or negative (something needs attention). 

The forecast and 30-day alert data will take a few weeks to build up historical data for comparison.


Adjust Frequency

To adjust the frequency of these alerts goes to your user settings > notifications: 


Adjust Threshold

You can change the default threshold from 50% to anything you'd like. For example, if you wanted to be alerted of your checkout funnel % changing by more than 25% then you can do so here.

On individual insights click Customize to change the threshold (or disable altogether):

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