Differences between Elevar and Google Analytics

Learn how Elevar works with your Google Analytics data to help surface insights.

Google Analytics collects all of the amazing user, technology, behavior, acquisition, and conversion data that we know so well today. 

You may have spent some (or a lot) of time in Google Analytics digging through your data and various reports. 

But - have you ever:

  1. Gotten lost in Google Analytics or didn't understand what the data and graphs were "saying" to you
  2. Spent hours going down black holes of data while searching through reports
  3. Wished you set up an alert on a key insight because somebody asked you about an issue with conversions of traffic
  4. Found yourself saying "Google Analytics doesn't provide this data so we need to get this extra service to unlock that data for us"
  5. Wished you were able to track goals more effectively that were unique to your business

Those are the types of scenarios that Elevar helps with. Especially if you are in eCommerce.

Elevar uses your Google Analytics data to provide:

  1. Actionable insights with writing tips that are specific to eCommerce based on your data
  2. Automated updates, daily, keeping up to date with how your data changes over time
  3. Unlocks hidden conversion optimization insights that you may not know was even possible
  4. Forecasting for your key metrics that you can track by week or month over any time period by dimension and segment combinations
  5. Attribution powered reports combined with your common Google Analytics acquisition and behavior reports
  6. Pass/Fail thresholds so you're informed on what are issues you need to address

Elevar would not be the tool it is without Google Analytics. Elevar is a complementary tool that sits on top of Google Analytics to help make you more informed and efficient.