Getting Started with Elevar Analytics

Learn how Elevar works by automating data analysis across multiple data source APIs.


When you first signup and authenticate your Google Analytics account, Elevar begins fetching your data from the Google Analytics APIs to analyze.  This data fetching process can take up to 48 hours to complete, depending on your Analytics account.  

While you are waiting for your Insights to populate, you can get started with the Event Builder and Funnel Builder.


Wondering where to begin? Follow our self guided training track below to learn how to utilize Elevar Analytics like a Data Expert. 

Explore Each Feature in Depth With Our Guided Walkthroughs

  • Event Builder - If you can see it, you can track it! Point, click, and quickly get up and running with your own custom events in GTM. Tagging your site gives you insight into what clicks and interactions on your website lead to conversions. You can also incorporate your event tracking into your Funnels.
  • Funnels - Breakthrough data silos to discover how your user experience might be dropping users in the wrong places. 
  • Custom Alerts - No more manual digging through 100’s of reports to look for what’s changed.
  • Insights - Quickly discover areas on your website that have the highest revenue opportunities.
  • Forecasting & Goals - Put your historical data to use by visualizing forecasts for data critical to your performance. 
  • Reports - Create your own customized reports, or check out Elevar's default custom reports that are already in place for you.
  • To-Dos - Collaborate with your team and stay organized and focused on your onsite goals.
  • Settings - Add users, manage your company and billing information, and more!
  • Monitoring [coming soon