How To Add Websites to Your Company

This provides an introduction into Elevar's company and website hierarchy.

If you were directed here from the Chrome Extension: 


Then you are most likely viewing an out of data version of our Chrome Extension. 

To fix: just close your Chrome Browser (all of them :) ) and open back up and the extension will automatically be updated. 

A company can have one or more websites associated to it within Elevar. 

For example:

  • Multi-language websites
  • Multiple brands under same company
  • Staging and production websites

A website in Elevar is essentially equal to a unique Google Analytics Property ID like your UA-12345-1. 

Once logged in you will see a main screen that allows you to add additional websites to your company (admin and owner roles only):

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 8.47.19 PM

From here you can add new websites to your account. Each website can have it's own GTM and GA accounts connected to it. 

This enables us to begin blending data between GTM, GA, along with support website specific features like Monitoring. 

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