How to Use Elevar's GTM Event Builder

This article shows how to utilize Elevar's event builder extension for Google Tag Manager.

If you can see it, you can track it! 

Tagging your site gives you insight into what clicks and interactions on your website lead to conversions.

Just point and click on what you want to track, then name the event. We'll automatically create the tag and trigger in GTM for you.

Check out the video below for a quick walk-through on how to use it


Getting Started with Elevar's GTM Event Builder

Follow the steps below to get up and running quickly

Step 1: 

Ensure you have an account created with Elevar and are logged in so we can authenticate your Google account. 

You can sign up for a free account here!

Step 2:

Install our Chrome GTM Extension if you haven't yet done so.

Step 3: 

Once logged into Elevar, use the left side navigation to go to the Events Page in order to authenticate the Google Tag Manager account you would like to use. 

Event Builder

Step 4:

Navigate to your website and open the extension in your browser.  Within the GTM Setup screen, select the GTM container that you would like to use to import your event tags into.  Don't worry, the tags will not be published automatically, and you will have a chance to review them prior to publishing!

GTM Setup


Once you're done filling in the GTM account information, select Save & Sync Workspace.

IMPORTANT!  Refresh Workspace

Prior to each use, make sure to select REFRESH WORKSPACE so we can fetch any new workspace updates that have been made since your last import. 

We won't overwrite any existing workspaces, we'll just add to the current one. So if another team member published a new GTM workspace then you will need to you sync by clicking the Refresh button if you'd like to continue working in the Default workspace. 

Step 5:

Select the type of Trigger (i.e. the action you want to track)

  • Click: an event that will fire when the user clicks on an element  (most popular)
  • Visibility:  an event that will fire when a selected element becomes visible in the web browser's viewport (good for modals, UGC, scroll depth, etc)
  • Pageview: an event that will fire immediately when the web browser begins to load a page. Use this if you only need data generated from page impressions.

Move your cursor to select the elements that you want to create tags for.  

Use the Interactions option to lock and unlock the selector, allowing you to navigate to different pages on your site.

GTM Builder demo

Once you make a selection, the DOM element is populated for you in the CSS Selector field. This is what will be used for the trigger creation. 

Next, fill in the details for your new event!

  • Event Name - example: GA Event - Main Nav Selection
  • Event Category - this will pull existing categories from your GTM account, or you can create a new one. Resist creating too many categories and causing confusion for yourself!
  • Event Action - This will list all the variables you have available in your GTM account. 
  • Event Label - Used to capture additional details about the specific event. 
  • Event Value (advanced) - Used to further identify specifics around the event.  For example, you could set up a tag on a video "play" button so that it sends  event information to Google Analytics with the following values:

                    Category: "Video"
                    Action: "Play"
                    Label: "About Us Video"

  • Pages - Select whether you want this tag to only fire on this page OR if you want it to fire on all pages/specific pages.  

Once you're done click "Save Event" or "Save and import to GTM"

Step 6: Import Tags to GTM

Once you create one or more tags then you'll be able to import these tags in bulk to GTM. We keep track of what tags have been created (green check) or not (red). 

GTM import

Once you've successfully imported to GTM then you will see your Google Analytics Tag and Trigger are automatically created for you following all of our best practices for tag creation!

Final Step!

Log into your GTM account to review your new tags, and publish them.

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