GTM App for Shopify Pricing Details

Setup Google Tag Manager, gtag, dynamic remarketing, and Enhanced eCommerce in minutes on Shopify!

The one-time $199 pricing for our Google Tag Manager app includes:

  • Injection of GTM into your store, including checkout (for Plus stores)
  • Full dataLayer injection that includes data for products, customers (including LTV), transactions, Google AdWords, and more.
  • Pre-built GTM container that matches your dataLayer on your store
  • Pre-built gtag.js GTM Tags that matches your dataLayer on your store
  • Pre-built Dynamic Remarketing data & tags that match your dataLayer on your store
  • Thank you page dataLayer variables

There is no monthly or ongoing fee!

Common Analytics Issues Fixed with this App

  1. Redacting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in pageview hits sent to Google Analytics
  2. Enhanced eCommerce merchandising report data sent to Google Analytics such as category impressions, click-thru rate %, and product position performance
  3. Inaccurate Enhanced eCommerce product performance data such as add to cart %, product detail views, and cart to detail %
  4. Enhanced eCommerce checkout behavior events for full-funnel reporting
  5. Shopify liquid variables translated to dataLayer variables for use in GTM marketing tags

Why Choose Elevar's GTM App?

Our experts have helped Shopify stores in virtually every industry properly implement Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and common marketing tags like Google AdWords, Facebook, and more. We can help you too!

Shopify Plus stores can completely switch their Google Analytics implementation to Google Tag Manager so you have complete control over enhanced eCommerce, PII, and leveraging the dataLayer throughout checkout.


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