How to Analyze Your Event Data in Elevar

Use your event data in Elevar to help you spot trends, implement A/B tests, and increase conversion rate!

Once you have tagged your site, you'll see your event data populate in your Elevar Dashboard within the 'Event Data' section. Not seeing data? Check out this article for quick troubleshooting tips.

Analysis: Getting started

Anyone can analyze event data, you don't need to be a data scientist! When analyzing your event data, keep the below strategies in mind.

  • What stands out the most? Start by looking for big outliers in your conversion rate and session numbers.
  • What hypothesis can you make based on this data? What are people clicking on that leads to higher (or lower) conversion rates?


Take the time to analyze this data and write down 5 insights from what you observed. They can be anything! For example:

  • What is your most clicked on navigation link?
  • Do your banners have low click-through rates?
  • What actions are people taking on product pages that lead to the highest conversion rate? Can you promote this feature more prominently?
  • Are clicks on your top navigation driving purchases? If not then can it be tested?
  • What is my most popular FAQ?
  • Is my homepage doing a good job as a landing page? What about for returning users?
  • What filters and sorting are being used on my collection pages?
  • Is my about page helping or hurting conversions?
  • What are users doing on my cart page that is preventing them from proceeding to checkout?

Check out this Shopify CRO article that dives further into why event tracking is so powerful, and types of events to track at different stages of your funnel.

Take Action: Create an A/B Test

Now that you have reviewed your event data and observed what is going well on your website, and what isn't going well, it's time to act on this data.   

Don't fly blind and invest valuable time, money, and resources into making website changes, all based on the hope that they improve your conversion rate. Empower yourself with proven changes backed by data!

Not sure how to get started with A/B testing? Or are you already familiar with Google Optimize and ready to ramp up your efforts? Check out our A/B testing guide which contains a getting started guide, A/B test ideas, and more!

Even better,  you can track your A/B test performance right in your Elevar Dashboard! [ learn more ]

Monitor user journeys with Event Data + Funnels

Elevar's Funnel Builder helps you visualize your users' behavior in a way where you can combine any type of GTM event and pageview together.  The only limit is truly your imagination on what kind of funnel you'd like to create.

Since we are focusing on analyzing event data, here is an example of a funnel focused on the conversion rate of users who interact with filtering options on Collection Pages.  This funnel is telling us that users who interact with the filters on collection pages convert at 11.99% !  

Diving a bit deeper into the event data, you can see the breakdown of which filters are the most popular.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.00.53 PM

Looking at the data above, an interesting A/B test would be to reorder the filters so that the most popular are at the very top!


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