How to Change Shopify_US to Different Country Code

This guide shows how to change your shopify_US variable to a different country

When installing the app we make multiple product IDs available for you to use in your AdWords or Facebook tags. 

This includes IDs that are "Shopify_US_11111_11111" which are common formats found in Merchant Center from other apps. 

If you need to change US to another country then it's a quick change in our snippets installed with our app

Step 1: Go to Edit Theme Code

Inside of your store > theme > edit theme code > search for elevar (use CTRL+F to bring up the search function if needed).

Open up the elevar-body-end.liquid file as shown below. Jump ahead to Step 2


Step 2: Update country code

You will find a total of 10 instances of "shopify_US" in this snippet. Simply change the US to whatever country code you need to match to your product IDs found in merchant center

  • Change out the US country code to the variation you need (such as DE for example).
  • Select SAVE and you're all set!

If you're wondering where to find your Merchant Center IDs then you can do so here:


Additional Resources:

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