Import Your GTM Suite Container

See how to import our prebuilt GTM container to map your data layer variables

Important! Before importing our pre-built container, perform a backup of your existing live container.

Step 1: Back up your existing live container:

Go to GTM > Admin > Export Container and click to export your workspace (most of the time this is the “Default Workspace”). Save this file just in case!

Step 2: Import variables, triggers, and tags

In order to connect your Shopify data to Google Tag Manager we need to create all of the variables, triggers, and tags for these to map to.

  1. Download your Shopify Plus or regular Shopify container here
  2. Import this container into your GTM account. Go to GTM > Admin > Import Container then follow the steps below. DO NOT SELECT OVERWRITE!


Import Container Steps:

  1. Select the container you just downloaded above
  2. Select your preferred workspace (most times this is "Default Workspace")
  3. Select Merge Container
  4. Review the detailed changes - if anything doesn’t look correct please review the previous steps and then contact us.

Once you're confident everything is good then click Confirm and you will see the tags, triggers, and variables imported in your Workspace Changes!



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