Can Elevar Install the GTM App for me?

Hire Elevar to install and configure Google Tag Manager for you.


Feeling unsure about installing the Shopify GTM Suite yourself?

No problem! For a one-time setup fee of $200, Elevar data experts will install the GTM Suite on your Shopify website for you.  This is in addition to the $199 GTM App cost.


Setup includes:

  • Configuring the app after you install it
  • Configuring AdWords remarketing tags and conversion events
  • Configuring up to 2 additional third party marketing tags (like Facebook, Pinterest etc)
  • Configuring Google Analytics tags from GTM

To get started, please answer our short pre-installation questionnaire

Then email us at and let us know once you complete answering our pre-installation questionnaire, and we will complete your setup and installation within 2 business days.

Thank you!

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