Why isn't my event data showing in Elevar?

This guide will help you started with populating event data in your dashboard.

If you are reading this guide, then you probably are seeing this message on your Elevar Dashboard:



This simply means one of the following:

1. Do not have GTM event tracking on your website

2. Your event category doesn't match the categories displayed in Elevar

How to setup Event Tracking on your website

The good news is that getting started with GTM and Event Tracking is easy with Elevar!  We have an easy to use Chrome Extension that lets you point, click, and create tags in GTM.   

Learn more here!

How to Update Your Event Categories

GTM event categories are just “big buckets” where multiple event actions fall underneath like “homepage” or “product page”.  If you have event data in place, and it's not populating in Elevar, a simple update will correct this. 

Below are the standard categories we have in Elevar currently. We do plan to add more in the future!

  • Homepage
  • Collection Page
  • Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout

Steps to update the event category in GTM:

1. Login to GTM

2. Go to Tags

3. Select the tag you want to edit

4. Update the event category field, using one of the above naming conventions.

5. Repeat on other tags wherever necessary

6. Save and publish your changes!