How do I apply GTM when switching themes?

The process for installing GTM on a new Shopify theme is quick and easy

Q: How do I apply GTM to other themes for when I wish to switch themes?

A: The process for installing on a new theme is quick and easy: In the app settings if you click "Save and Update" on the GTM container ID then this will inject the Elevar snippets into the theme automatically. Nothing else is needed from you to manually update.


Q: When implementing GTM App with my Non-Plus Shopify Store, do I need to change anything to the GA code in the theme?

A: You will want to keep GA configured in Shopify for normal tracking. GTM can be setup for your AdWords, dataLayer, and other marketing scripts. But best to keep GA setup in Shopify.


Q: Do I need to update anything at all after the my new theme goes live?

A: The only thing you will need to do when installing a new theme is just click "Save and Update" in the App settings with your GTM ID as you did on the initial setup. This will automatically install all of our GTM/dataLayer snippets again for you!

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