The GTM Tag is Not Firing on Page

Is the GTM tag not firing on your page? See why.

While QA'ing your GTM Suite Installation, have you found that it's not firing on a few pages? If so, here are a few things to double-check:

1. Is the % include elevar-body.liquid % in the bottom of the theme.liquid template?

Or, if you have completely custom pages, does this exist on those page templates?

If not, then copy this into your template just above the closing </body> tag:

 'Next step to Check'

2. Do you have custom product template names?

You can test by searching in your theme files here:

If you do have something besides product.liquid, then these need to be added as an "or" condition in our elevar-body.liquid snippet: 'Last step to Check'

3. Other things to check:

  1. You've imported your GTM suite container
  2. You've saved your GTM container ID in the settings

Questions? Let us know!


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