What is Audience Source Not Sending Required Parameter Error

Are you seeing Audience Source Error after setting up your Dynamic Remarketing for Retail? Keep reading!

Google Ads is saying: Your campaigns can't tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when your audience source doesn't send the required parameter. Make sure the required parameter is being sent correctly.

Issue: ecomm_prodid never received




Keep Calm! There's nothing to worry about. 


The GOOD NEWS is that the audience source error you are seeing is a FALSE POSITIVE error that we see quite a bit. it's a common issue that people who are either using our App or not – ask about.


The way that you can confirm and be sure about this error is to check your Audience Sources dashboard and verify that the data is being received for ID and ecomm_prodid. It will look like this:



AdWords help guide states they want the "id" sent as primary ID- https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7305793?hl=en

We are sending both, however, ID is our primary parameter being sent.


Usually, the error message doesn't go away in your AdWords account, however, as long you've confirmed that the data is being received for ID and ecomm_prodid then you should be all okay.


Note: Usually, the 0 hits indicate that the submitted data has not been active for enough time - simply wait for 72-hours or so until all items have settled. So if you have recently installed the tag, you may probably see this because there is not enough data yet to display.


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